Owlbears – Deluxe 2024 Diary


Owlbear 2024 Diary, with repositionable bookmark.

See description below.

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Deluxe DnD 5e Themed 2024 Diary ‘Owlbear, Don’t Care’ cover design

Size: A5, 90 sheets / 180 pages
Binding: Wire Bound ‘lay flat’
Pages: 80gsm
Covers: Full colour borderless on 220 gsm matte photo card, folded to create integrated pockets
Dividers: Full colour borderless on 220 gsm matte photocard
Printers: Canon Pixma iX6850 for covers, divider pages and dice design on internal pages, Xerox Phaser 6510 for black printing on internal pages

An IRL Campaign Journal for 2024.
Dice outlines on all pages to keep with the ttrpg theme.
Full colour front and back covers with integrated pockets, Personal/notes section full colour dividers to keep sections identifiable. Clear bookmark to mark the current week so you can find it quickly.
Perfect for keeping receipts or other daily paperwork to file away later or for keeping sticker sheets to hand to decorate important moments!

– Diary Section Includes:
— Year to View
— Week to View
— ‘Quests’ section on every week for your ‘to do’ list
— ‘Session Notes’ on every week for your reminders or notes

– Personal Section
— ‘Session Planner’ for you to plan in all the events for the year
— ‘NPC’s’ for contact information
— ‘Coin Purse’ to keep track of bills

– Notes Section
— Plain paper with dice outline design, perfect for doodles and jotting down thoughts and ideas

– ‘Today’ Bookmark
— Flexible bookmark that can be pulled out and pushed back into place, tab at the top to easily find it. Kept clear so that you can still see what you have written without having to flick it over.

To push the book mark back into place, gently bend it up as you are pushing the teeth into the large gap between the wire spine. This opens up the teeth easier so you need less effort to get it into place and you don’t need to jab your finger between the wires so much!
— Lined pages for note taking with space at the top to allow for note flags, keeping track of in game day or in person game session days, titling battles or locations etc…