About Crit Happens Dice

Crit Happens Dice came about after I started playing DnD again. Having been a Dragon Quest initiate back when I was in secondary school, I became a fan of MMORPG’s and also a fan of The Sims, where I could create characters and tell a story with them.

Handmade polyhedral dungeons and dragons dice set in purple blue with glitter

I started out by designing a custom character sheet for my Dragonborn Sorcerer, it and then progressed into a dice bag for my ever growing dice collection before jumping in to handmade dice sets. This first of which was this hyacinth blue glitter set with copper ink.

The first incarnation of Crit Happens Dice was on Etsy, but the price gouging, like paying twice if you have more than one of the same item, was cutting into any small profit I made meaning I was starting to not be able to afford the supplies to re-make anything I did sell… So, I decided to open up my own store, on my own terms, being able to list as many or as few items I wanted. Truly make this space my own.

This isn't 'big business'... it's a hobby

Nothing here is done on a scale, I take presentation shots of the dice in my kitchen with my smartphone. My backdrops are pages from the DMG or a white sheet of paper attached to my fridge with a magnet. Simple pictures to show off the things I spent time over, whether it’s sewing something, pouring resin in bottles or moulds, staining dice boxes by hand, or specially selecting dice sets and painstakingly re-inking and polishing them… 

I play DnD for fun and I find being creative fun, what could be better than combining the two and if someone else enjoys it as well, then thats a bonus!

As a hobby, it’s not a profit machine, I don’t do things in bulk (aside from the Kickstarter and oh boy… that was a rollercoaster!) and I don’t just settle for anything to turn a quick ‘buck’. Everything on here is something I adore and often sad to see it go!

So thanks for stopping by, even if it’s just to have a look for something to spark your own creativity for making your own ttrpg items. 

Let the good times roll…