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How To: Print and Prepare Dice Masters for Casting (Part 1)

If you want to made a dice mould to make your own handmade dice you need something to actually mould. I started out by using generic cheap soft edge dice to make my first sprue moulds before moving on to using sharp edge metal dice to cast in another set of sprue moulds. Then I bought a 3D printer…

I got a printer as I was not willing to pay a fair amount of cash every time I wanted new masters or a new shape for a die. For example, I started with a caltrop d4, now I have a shard and I started with a regular pentagon d12, now I have a rhombic one. I also have a d20 with my logo on it and have a set with a smaller font… So I was looking at the cost of two 7 die sets, two extra d20’s with a custom logo, and two new shape dice. No discredit to the people who do print masters for you, but I wanted the freedom to do all that and not have to pay postage/customs charges and be able to get my hands on them as soon as they were done printing.

So if you have your own printer or access to one, the first part is about how I prepare to print my dice masters and then the second part is about how I prepare them once they are printed and this can be applied to once you print yourself or ones that you purchase.

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