Sweet Treat – Handmade Sharp Edge Dice Set


Sugared Almond style colours in purple, pink and blue are layered over each other to give a sweet as candy dice set with a pearlescent shine.

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  • Set includes: D20 (logo), Rhombic D12, D10, D%, D8, D6 and crystal D4.
  • Oversized, D20 measures 3cms point-to-point.
  • Pearlescent pink, blue and purple opaque resins layered over each other.
  • Inked in bright white.
  • Each dice set comes ready packaged in its own large black velvet pouch with each die wrapped in tissue paper to protect them, making it perfect to gift to a fellow dice goblin or to keep for yourself.
  • Perfect for Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder and other table-top games.

Handmade dice:
Each set is hand poured and cast in my own mould made from masters I have designed and printed myself.
As such, if a set has more than one available, the inclusion placement will not be identical but the materials used will be.
While every effort is made to eradicate imperfections via a pressure pot, micro bubbles might be present especially where inclusions have been added and although the dice are polished through with Zona papers, there may be mould marks from flashing where the lid and the base connect. Any minor flaws will be shown in the product images so please make sure you are happy with how they look.
Roll tested, often during my own DnD campaign and have not shown a bias.

Want something similar?: Check out the soft edge set ‘Candy‘ for a similar style.

Choking hazard – Not suitable for children under 3