Deck of Many Things


22 card ‘Deck of Many Things’ – see description below

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A full handmade 22 card set of ‘Deck of Many Things’ game prop

  • Borderless print on the front and back
  • 300gsm white cardstock
  • Tarot sized: 12cms by 7cms
  • DM cheat sheet
  • Full colour tuck-box with description sticker
  • Printed with: Canon Pixma, Xerox Phaser
  • Cut with: Explore Air 2, Corner cutter

Each card has a visual representation of the cards name along with a banner containing the title and the corresponding number. The back features a star covered aged vellum design to conceal the cards face and allow for random card pulls from the deck.

DM cheat sheet printed on kraft paper to keep with the theme of the deck, with cards listed in alphabetical order (also numbered) giving the full description of the card and it’s effects.

Presented in a full print tuck-box to hold everything together.