Campaign Book – A5 Printable


50 page Campaign Book – Digital Download.

See full description below for contents.

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A huge 50 page (minimum!) printable Campaign journal. Pages are illustrated with woodcarving style artwork, in-keeping with a medieval theme.
Black and white base colour to enable you to print on coloured paper or to decorate as you wish to personalise it to your character.
Designed in A5 size enabling you to make the most of your table space, while still giving you plenty of space to make notes about the things important to your character and gameplay.

Digital download allows you to print at home, when you want and how often you want.

6 title pages:
Main Campaign Cover
Personal Information
Companions and People
Locations and Places of Interest
Adventure Journal

Personal Information contains 10 sides in total covering; combat and skills, feats and traits, Languages/tools/class, Background, Equipment and coin purse. With plenty of space to write down the information you need to hand.

Spellcasting contains 6 sides covering; Cantrips, level 1 to 9 spells and a page for ‘spells known’ where you can add in any other magic information. Each spell level page has a place to mark down your spellcasting class, spell save DC and spell attack bonus to save you from needing to flick backwards and forwards to check if something hits, misses or resists.

Companions and People contains 6 sides; Six spaces to write notes about who you are travelling on your adventure with and 5 sides to note down useful information about the people you meet on the way.

Locations and Places of Interest contains 12 sides covering; 1 side with space to jot down information on religions/festivals/seats of power/seasons,  5 sides dedicated to the Towns and Cities you visit, 6 sides dedicated to noting down the villages and hamlets you encounter.

Adventure Journal has 2 sides for ‘chapters’ where you can note down page numbers and a description of what happened at that point in the campaign for easy reference if you want to check back on what happened in previous sessions.

Dictionary 4 sides with space to jot down any new words or phrases and the description of their meaning that your character has picked up on their travels, or due to their companions. Separate file so this can be added only if needed.

Lined Note Paper 4 sides of lined note paper, edge to edge printing with a comfortable width to make the most of the space available. Separate file to enable you to print of more as required.


(Filofax Clipbook, ruler and dividers are shown to illustrate use only. This is a digital download, you will not receive a physical copy.)