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Beginners DnD character sheet

A game of DnD might just be the perfect game for family and friends get-togethers.
Get everyone to the table and tell a story that adapts to what everyone is doing, no one is left out, and everyone can be a ‘winner’. 
But when not everyone has played before,  being confronted with a 3-4 page character sheet might put people off before they have even had the chance to cast their first spell.

So, give them a simplified one that walks them through what happens to them. Allowing them to follow the action step by step while still giving them the options to try some creative flair with their chosen character. 

These sheets were actually created and used in a huge 14 newbie player birthday party one-shot. It was chaos but everyone had a lot of fun both filling out the sheet and being able to understand what was going on in combat. 


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