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Free Quest Prompt Signs For Your Town Noticeboard – Props And Immersion Aids

Free Town Notice Board signs for quest prompts

Ever had your party or group go to a town noticeboard for side quests? Ever then had to come up with side missions to keep the party entertained?

Add to the immersion by handing out these notices to show the party what they would see, you can stick them up on the fridge so your players have to jostle around to see all the notices available to them! if you want to go all out, pin them on an actual board for the party to read through!

There’s everything from quick short quests that can provide a bit of light relief to quests that provide an intro to danger and ones that take time to complete. with fourteen of them in total you can omit any that don’t quite fit your story while still having a good range for the party to pick from.

By having these as actual props to be seen and touched, it allows your players to keep track of what tasks they have completed and what is left for them to do if they choose to. 

Notices can also be taken down and replaced, to show that maybe another party has taken it on (but can still go back up later though!) encouraging the party to check the board as they pass it. They might even have the opportunity to ‘save a job for later’ by taking the notice down themselves as long as they dont get caught!

The notices themselves are arranged as two per A4 sheet, allowing you to just cut or tear them apart and display how you want. You can print them on kraft paper for an aged look or go through the tea-stained oven-dried route for parchment like paper effect.

Town Noticeboard Signs for trade expedition

The full fourteen town notices are available in three different fonts, so you can download them all if you want to mix and match allowing you to have some that are hand written by the person making the request and others have been created by scribes of the City Guard? 

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